Kale Chips

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This delicious Kale comes from our own rooftops and organic farms. Plucked fresh and vacuum cooked.


We maintain 90% of nutrients by Vacuum cooking, with the most carefully selected herbs to enhance flavour of the chips.


Green. Mean. Lean.



  • Kale chips are Vacuum Prepared with no oil/avoiding intense heat
  • High in Protein and B Vitamins and low on calories, it’s the crunchiest way to get your Greens!
  • With powerful antioxidants at its disposal, Kale can be a strong ally of ours to boost immunity as well as our Heart health!
  • Always fresh! We only use the freshest of ingredients to craft our delicious healthy snacks.
  • Whether you need a Pre or Post Workout munchy or need to curb those midnight hunger pangs with something healthy, this pack of Impossibly Tasty Kale Crisps has your bac
  • Chips intact with flavour to enjoy while keeping the fitness goals in check.
  • Available in a 115gm. pack.


1 review for Kale Chips

  1. Anamika

    Never tried kale crisps before. Cant live without these now.
    My mum and dad loved them. Thanks alot for your effort

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