They say, “ your house is built on strong walls “, we say, “ your house is built with happy and healthy walls”

“It’s not just about what you eat or what you wear, it’s also about your relationship with other animal species. Vegan design brings this philosophy into the spaces that we live it” – Deborah Rosenberg. 


Much like the vegan food movement, the vegan wall paints industry is now picking up, thanks to Megan Markle’s recent announcement of using vegan paint in her baby’s nursery. If you’re new to this concept, get onboard, we have your back. 


Vegan Paint is similar to the regular wall paint that eliminates any animal by-product. You may not realise that you might be surrounded with walls that have been coated with paints that have been derived from animals.


Most standard paints contain beeswax and milk proteins as binding agents, while others test on animals via various skin tests and forced ingestion. On the contrary, vegan paints use plant-based substitutes such as vegetable casein or legumin. Moreover, by using a synthetic brush or roller instead of a brush made from animal hair rubber conceals and stamps the entire process as vegan.


Now you might be wondering, what exactly is the difference between a vegan paint and an ecofriendly one. Well, for starters, while a vegan wall paint discounts any animal derived ingredient, an eco-friendly one though, eliminates harmful substances that may be dangerous for human and planetary health, at large. These materials include toxic metals, planet-damaging solvents, carcinogenic additives (biocides, surfactants, defoamers), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)  which are not only harmful to health but also contribute to global warming. 


Genuine eco-friendly paint replaces the above unpleasant materials to reduce the dangers to human and planetary health. Also, the good news is that brands are now introducing an eco-friendly range of wall paints, and you can choose from diverse shades from the colour palate as well as from different finishes and textures such as satin, velvet, matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss. Trust us, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 


Internationally, brands such as Clare, Earth Pigments, ESOS Paints and Benjamin Moore Natura are committing to support healthy indoor environments by re-innovating their paint formulations to promote a more healthy, non-toxic and organic interior. Closer home, brands like Asain Paints have recently launched their organic paints collection, Nilaya Naturals, that curate paints from skillfully blended extracts from soya bean, casein, calcium carbonate, castor seeds and neem oil, making it 100% safe and healthy. 


To add a smoother finish to your home walls and a peace of mind.


Playing with the natural habitat of animals and other living creatures to live a comfortable life is unjust, unsustainable and unethical. Curating a home lathered with eco friendly materials creates a healthy, and harmonious way of living for all members of the family. As is so often said, health is wealth which is the ultimate luxury. It’s guilt free and cruelty free. 


By surrounding ourselves with non-toxic walls, not only are we saving our animals but also our children. Standard wall paints contain toxic components that could be airborne, and degrade your home’s air quality. This causes respiratory and other health concerns, and are especially harmful for the younger members of the family. 


So while your favourite home decor magazine merrily invites you to amp your living space by applying a fresh coat of paint, do pause and read up about brands that are on the eco-friendly and sustainable movement to make a wise decision. 


Nilaya Naturals by Asain Paints – Jaipur Morning Walk (NN24) is an intense terracotta tone that mimics the tone of the morning light on Jaipur’s vibrant streets. 

Nilaya Naturals by Asain Paints 

Shells on the Sand (NN10) utilizes bone black, champagne chalk and French ochre pigment to recreate the ambiguous shade of shells. 


Nilaya Naturals by Asain Paints – Tender Coconut (NN31)


Nilaya Naturals by Asain Paints

Ragas in the Rain (NN20) is a warm grey-brown that creates an ambient, warm and a cosy atmosphere. 


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