The what’s what of sustainable, cruelty free and vegan beauty

Clean beauty edit – From organic makeup to vegan skincare and everything in between

  • Sakshi Chandwaney


Thanks to demand spikes for brand transparency and sustainable beauty, consumers are now looking at clean beauty as an essential. If you are considering the switch to organic beauty, want to jump on board the sustainability bandwagon or if you have simply been living under a rock, we’ve got your back. 


Since the large explosion and awareness of cruelty to animals, brands like Kat Von D and Hourglass have eliminated all animal-derived ingredients from their offerings. In 2020, Hourglass announced its move to become fully vegan. This makes hourglass the world’s first luxury vegan makeup brand. Confirming the news on Instagram, the company wrote, “We see eye to eye with animals. It is our mission to protect them in beauty and beyond”. The advertising campaign alongside this announcement shows four women standing eye to eye with horses, reflecting the “humanity in the eyes of the animal,” according to Carisa Janes, founder and CEO of Hourglass Cosmetics. 


If you’re considering a dive into the world of clean beauty, read on. Maybe take notes while you’re at it. 


Cruelty-free beauty:

Cruelty free makeup demands a ban on animal testing for cosmetics products. Before you swipe your card to make your next beauty purchase, look out for the “Leaping Bunny Certified”symbol on the label, suggesting the product is cruelty-free. PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organisation, hosts a list of brands that are cruelty-free. The Body Shop, Becca Cosmetics, Kat Von D, Bare Minerals commit to protecting animals. 


Sustainable Beauty:

Sustainable brands use products that are safe for people and the planet. By taking care of the environment and the ecosystems during the multiple stages of production, manufacturing and distribution, brands are embracing and celebrating Mother Earth. Minimising waste, using non-toxic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging are some of the ways brands are leaping into the sustainable beauty world. 


Love, Beauty and Planet, Unilever’s sustainable drugstore brand, and cult favourites – Ruby’s Organics, Milk Makeup, Bite Beauty, RMS Beauty, Loli Beauty and Lush cosmetics, are just some of the names that showcase commitment towards an eco-conscious future. 


Vegan Beauty :

Vegan beauty products are the products that do not derive their ingredients from animals. Common non-vegan ingredients found in beauty products include beeswax, glycerin (some of which is derived from animals), honey, lanolin, and tallow.


Embracing a vegan lifestyle and boasting a vanity shelf full of vegan makeup has never been easier. More and more brands are eliminating animal by-products. 


Charlotte Tilbury, for instance not only has a range of vegan makeup, but also vegan skincare, as well as makeup brushes. Jeferee Star, Cover FX, Milk Makeup, Lime Crime, Kat Von D are some of the other universally loved vegan-friendly brands. 


Making the switch to clean beauty is the future. As humans aim to protect furry beings or prefer ones vanity shelf to be cruelty-free.It’s time to say goodbye to traditional beauty norms and hello to an inclusive and clean beauty world. 


Hourglass spotlights their cruelty-free and vegan beauty products in their “Eye to Eye” Campaign.  


LOLI Beauty committing to sustainable packaging and clean ingredients 

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